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Below you'll find easy, step-by-step instructions on how to get started with your new Fused Earth planter kit. 

If you're the kind of person who likes to research obsessively (like us), you may wish to check out our Beginner's Guide to Hydroponics for Houseplants. The information there is not required for success with our planter kits, but it does provide an easy-to-follow introduction to the world of hydroponics!

  • your Fused Earth kit

  • a paper towel

  • small plastic bag or container

  • water

  • light (depending on your specific plant's needs)

Step 1

Gather supplies

  • Your Fused Earth kit

  • Paper towel

  • A small plastic bag or container

  • Water

  • Light, depending on the type of plant you are growing

Step 2

Sprout your seeds

  • place your seeds between layers of damp paper towel in a plastic bag or container

  • Check daily for roots, most seeds will sprout in 1-3 days.

  • When roots appear, your sprout is ready for planting!

Step 3

Plant your sprouts

  • Trim paper towel around your sprouts. The paper towel will keep your sprouts from falling through the clay pebbles.

  • Fill your net pot 3/4 full of clay pebbles, place the paper towel and sprouts on top, and gently fill the rest of the pot with pebbles.

Step 4

Assemble your planter

  • Add about 500mL (2 cups) of water to your planter.

  • Place the air stone in the bottom of the planter and connect to the air pump. Plug the air pump into an outlet.

  • Put the lid on your planter and lower the net pot into the center. 


  • Always provide light according to your specific plant's needs.

  • The cat grass that comes with each planter kit requires low to medium light, but will grow more thick and lush with extra light.

  • If you don't have much natural light, consider artificial LED grow lights. They can be inexpensive and allow you to grow plants indoors that typically require full sun.


  • Check the water level weekly and change the water every two weeks.

  • Some plants do not require feeding to do well. Cat grass and many succulents will be fine with tap water.

  • Most houseplants benefit from the addition of a hydroponic plant food. Schultz Liquid Plant Food is widely available and very inexpensive.

  • For fast-growing plants, such as sunflowers or tomatoes, consider a specialty hydroponic plant food, such as General Hydroponics or Advanced Nutrients.

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