Updated: Nov 30, 2019

We don't know about you, but we don't just want to have houseplants. We want the biggest, healthiest, happiest plants.

We carefully limit the number of plants we have to make sure that each plant gets the care it needs. But ... if plant care becomes simpler and takes less time, then that means we can have more plants, right? Enter the Three Plants Project.

Every seed or cutting is loaded with a detailed genetic program for how the plant should grow in ideal conditions. Our goal is to find the simplest, easiest ways to help our plants follow that program.

Gone are the days when growing houseplants in soil or plain water was the only option. We now know that plants need nutrients, not necessarily dirt. And there is a LOT of bad plant growing advice out there with very little direct evidence.

So for plant nerds like us, the main questions are "which method will give me the healthiest plants with the least amount of upkeep?" and "how can I be sure?" To find our answers, over the next several months we'll be comparing growing houseplants in soil, "semi-hydro", and deep water hydroponics.

Our Mission

To find out how three different growing methods affect plant growth and health. If all three plants turn out beautiful and healthy with equal growth, then which method is the easiest to maintain?

Admittedly, we at Fused Earth are not scientists, but we'll do our best to document every step of the way with videos, time lapses, photos, and a calendar documenting actions we've taken. Follow @fusedearth on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of this post) to be notified of updates to the project!

Our Methods

For our first trial, we are growing these beautiful Peperomia obtusifolia plants that we obtained from a local nursery. They're relatively fast growers, so should show results quickly.

Will all plants receive the same treatment?

Our goal is to grow the biggest, healthiest plants possible with each growing method. This is the best way to compare the amount of work required to grow great houseplants in each method. All of the plants will start out with the same lighting, humidity, nutrients, etc. If it becomes evident that a change would be best for one plant but the others are doing fine, we'll make those individual changes to keep each plant growing well and record what we needed to change.

We have also designed custom ceramic planters for each method to make maintenance easier and more consistent over time. More on those in our next post.

Plant Food

All plants will receive distilled water only for the first week, and then they'll be watered with the same nutrient solution. To start, we're using the General Hydroponics Flora series, following instructions on the bottle for mild vegetative growth. 5mL each Gro, Micro, and Bloom in 1 gallon of water.

We chose this brand because it's well-tested, widely available, we've used it for years, and indicates that it can be used to feed plants in soil as well as those grown hydroponically.

It's also a popular brand with cannabis growers, and regardless of how you feel about their activities you have to admit - those guys know how to grow great plants.

Here is the plan:

What's next?

We've designed custom ceramic planters to make care of the plants simple and consistent throughout the project. The planters will be ready to go shortly.

Now that you know the plan, we'll get everything up and running with our next update. We'll show you all the details, repot the plants, and get this thing underway!

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See you soon!

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