It begins!

If you missed the first posts explaining the project, they can be found here.

Our plants are ready to go! Sadly the "Deep water hydro" planter did not turn out quite as well as we'd hoped, but we'll live with it anyway.

We're going to try to use weight as the main measure of how much each plant has grown. As you can see in the video below, each plant was weighed after soil was removed to give us something to measure against as the experiment progresses.

So that we don't need to remove the plants from their pots every time we want to weigh in, we've also weighed them in their pots. To be as consistent as possible, they've each been weighed in the ceramic planter after watering the soil or clay pebbles. The semi-hydro and deep water hydro pots were empty of water.

For future weigh-ins, we'll use the same method and subtract the weight of the pot and media to get the weight of the plant.

Watch how we set everything up:

And we're off! We'll plan to provide updates approximately once a week. Be sure to follow @fusedearth on Instagram to be notified of updates as they come up!

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