5 weeks in - soil holds more water than we thought!

In case you missed the first few weeks, past posts on this project can be found here.

So, we've discovered a flaw in our plan. We thought that two weeks would be enough time for the soil to absorb water to make our measurements consistent. We were wrong!

The soil plant has gained significantly more weight than the other plants in the last three months, although it doesn't look nearly that much bigger. We did expect that it would grow a bit quicker than the others to start, as it has the advantage of not needing to adapt its roots to water, but this is quite a difference. It's also possible it grew a LOT of roots, but since we can't see any through the clear plastic pot it's in, it seems unlikely. So we assume that the soil has soaked up even more water. Good lesson to learn!

We assume the significant weight disparity will level off, and all will be proven at the end of this trial when we pull the plants out of their pots and weigh them again naked. In the meantime, we'll just go along for the ride and see what happens.

Here are the charts showing the watering and maintenance for the past few weeks:

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