Get the ideal gift for the houseplant nerd in your life!

Complete Soil-free

Planter Kits

The perfect planter for imperfect, busy, "would-be" plant people. It's an easier, cleaner alternative to growing houseplants in soil, all in a beautiful handmade ceramic planter.

Happier, healthier houseplants

No dirt; clean enough for the kitchen counter

No demanding watering schedules; water only monthly

Modern handmade ceramic planters

Ideal for:

  • Busy or forgetful kids, students, seniors, travellers

  • Spas, classrooms, offices, and facilities where cleanliness and low maintenance is essential

  • Home chefs who want clean, fresh organic herbs at their fingertips


Why Go Dirtless?

Stop the "too wet, too dry" cycle that stresses your plants and slows growth. Fused earth planters ensure a steady supply of water without drowning,  so you can water when you have time, not on the plant's schedule.


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